Performance and Fine Arts Participation


Frank Emsick, Founder & CEO-Uvolv Website January 2018

Why are they Important?

Uvolv experts believe that participating in a performing or fine arts program while in high school will greatly benefit students. There are so many different options to select from at this level of education. Frank Emsick believes, along with a good education, participation in these fulfilling organizations can help expand a student’s mind. A student can find they have many other strengths and not just being a good student in the classroom. They can use their creativity and explore their unknown talents yet to be discovered. When students take part in one or more of these organizations they can achieve more and have a better interpretation of classroom assignments. Uvolv’s platform will be a guide for parents and children to help them find the performance or fine art that specifically suits each individual child.

Fine Arts:

Most schools offer a vast array of fine art classes to students. Today these classes have been determined to be a core academic subject. Fine arts are either visual or media based. Examples of visual classes are exploring photography lessons or classes that your hands are involved in such as wood-carving, glass figurine sculpting, or ceramics. Examples of media arts are graphic arts or almost any other activity involved with televisions, videos, and film production and animation. These activities are part of a very broad spectrum but they can enhance a student’s creativity. According to Frank Emsick, founder of Uvolv when youth are involved in these extracurricular activities, students gain confidence in their social skills and in the classroom.

Performing Arts:

Many clubs or organizations exist to fulfill the performing arts category. Most students participate in one of these activities during their high school career more than any other outside activity. Performing arts are broken down into three categories: Dance, Music, and Theater. The most common are band and choir. Playing an instrument or singing in a choir are extremely popular at most levels of education whether it be middle school, high school or at the college level. However, dance has become extremely popular today and has offered many students college opportunities to continue their dancing careers beyond high school. These activities are not included on a student’s high school transcripts. Uvolv can be of assistance to students that are excelling in these organizations. The Uvolv site will guide students looking for scholarships or other funding to furthering their education. These activities are an important piece of information to include with your transcripts when applying to colleges.

Participation is Key!

Uvolv believes being engaged in youth organizations, clubs, & the arts can only enhance the student’s development into adulthood. Of course, academics is always the priority. Being involved in these activities has shown improved academic achievement and a more positive attitude of the student. Because there are so many organizations every student should be able to find something they excel at or enjoy and share it with those around them, such as parents/guardians, directors, and even the community that they live in. Research has been done that indicates test scores increase which in turn has a positive outcome on their grades, social interactions are improved, and students excel to become more independent and they become much more aware of their own capabilities. Uvolv is designed to encourage youth to be involved and be aware of all they can accomplish outside of the classroom while still being a successful student.

By: Cori Breckenridge, Marketing Analyst @ Uvolv