The Meaning of UVOLV!

Uvolv -Launching January 2018

Frank Emsick, Founder of Uvolv

What does Uvolv stand for?


In life we all go through many changes. We evolve. We gradually develop new skills over time. We progress, advance and change throughout our lives. An infant starts to evolve into a toddler then into a young adolescent which continues through high school age into young adulthood with the choices and decisions they make throughout their life. Finally, they have been molded or evolved into the most advanced state of adulthood. Uvolv will be an application to accumulate and collect these special moments in your young people’s lives as they have evolved throughout life. Uvolv wants to capture, share and preserve these milestones and highlights of your youth’s life. It is like creating a profile for your child to share with friends & family, coaches, fine art directors and colleges as they move forward from high school into college to share their gifts.

Uvolv will be an application/website for parents, coaches, teachers, directors and the community to discover beneficial knowledge about athletics, performance and fine arts organizations, and many other youth leagues available to them. For example, a family has moved to a new community and they are unaware of what organizations are available to their children. Uvolv will aid and guide those families in the right direction for their children interested in football, band, soccer, volleyball or to those youth who have an interest in the drama club. (There are many more organizations available to most communities, these are just few to mention). Uvolv will help with the selecting process for the correct level of participation for these youth athletes and performers. Uvolv wants to celebrate and promote all youth no matter what activity or level they are engaged in.

The Uvolv site will have provided all the calculations, computations and interactions to make scheduling high school athletic and other related events run as efficiently as possible. Uvolv will have the ability to help school administrators such as the superintendents, athletic directors, principals, and teachers to communicate with their students. For example, a cancelation of school due to inclement weather or a specific athletic event being canceled can all be done through an automatic texting program. Most importantly it will offer direct correspondence with the students and their parents. The biggest benefit to Uvolv is that it will be available all in one application.

Uvolv will also offer information about scholarship programs. There are millions of dollars available to students through various organizations, clubs and athletics, but they as well as their parents are not aware of this and don’t have the knowledge of where to begin to search for scholarships for their youth. Information will be available at the both the high school and college level. Many high schools have information regarding scholarships in their guidance offices. However, Uvolv will just be another great outlet for navigating through this process and a useful resource to share the talents your youth have to offer.

If you are a retired (or current) coach, band or choir director, superintendent, principal, teacher or athletic director or just have an expertise in any of these areas or fields and would like to share your knowledge with the community and our new program please contact us at

By: Cori Breckenridge, Marketing Analyst of Uvolv