Knowledge is Power

Please feel free to share your expert knowledge with the Uvolv team at We encourage advice and guidance from retired or current coaches (of all sports), principals, athletic directors, band and choir directors, superintendents, teachers and parents. This exciting new application will benefit everyone who has a vested interest in their children by helping them discover their talents and achieving their goals.
Uvolv is dedicated to helping students, their parents and guardians, the coaches and directors who take an active role in these student athletes and performer's lives. Uvolv will offer assistance with scholarships, help athletes receive recognition at the college level, and help guide families in the proper direction of what level of sport or activity to have their child participate in. Uvolv wants to celebrate all youth in all activites and share expert advice with them as they make their way through high school and into college.  Uvolv will be an application that all of your student's favortie moments and highlights can be stored and treasured.