Frank Emsick, CEO & Founder of Uvolv

How to balance it all while in school can be very tricky for many students. The Uvolv website that is launching in January 2018 is designed to help students achieve this goal successfully. Parents, coaches, fine arts directors and many other organizational leaders will be giving advice and sharing information about the importance of participating in multiple activities. This will benefit the students today and set them up for much success in the future.

Communication is Key!

Students must be able to communicate with their parents, coaches, band/choir directors, etc. Make sure the student plans an organized schedule to avoid conflicts between activities. This will keep all involved on the same page. Frank Emsick founder of Uvolv believes participating in multiple activities and organizations can have a positive impact on life skills and give students a better understanding of problem solving. Good communication between all parties involved will lead the student to be more disciplined and increase their motivation and independence.

What Is the Student’s Priority?

Education is the student’s priority. Students need to know that being involved in athletics, band, choir, dance team or any other extracurricular activity is an important part of life but the academics must come first. In some cases, students are not allowed to participate if their grades are not up to par. This could result in letting their team down. Uvolv believes this gives the students accountability therefore they will aspire to higher expectations in and out of the classroom. It can be hard work to stay focused when there are so many activities going on for each student. Motivation, accountability, working hard and meeting deadlines will help our youth transition into young successful adults.

What is the Parent’s Role?

Parental involvement is crucial in all aspects of their students lives especially during the high school years. Encouraging a student to play basketball, football, soccer or even to try out for a solo in the choir shows them that their parents/guardians are interested in their talents. Frank Emsick has four children who have been very active participants in all sports and the fine arts such as band and choir. Being engaged with a child can lead to the awareness of their physical and mental performing capabilities and possibly discover new talents. Higher levels of family satisfaction have been reported when they have children who participate in youth activities such as athletics, theater, band, and other organizations or clubs. Uvolv experts encourage that these activities can help boost a student’s self-esteem when they are successfully accomplishing their academic and extracurricular activity goals.

Management of the Student’s Time!

Time management is a life long lesson for all adults and children. Setting a schedule is the best way to stay on the path to excellence. If a student is playing in a basketball game until late in the evening and has several hours of homework, they must be prepared to stay up late or be up early in the morning to get the work turned in on time. Uvolv believes being proactive and being able to use their critical thinking skills will make life smoother. Poor performance can become an issue for those students who are unable to manage their time. To get everything done in the classroom and still participate in youth sports or the fine arts, good time managements skills are necessary.

Doing it All-Successfully!

Valuable life lessons are learned from participation in any youth sport or activity. These lessons are sometimes not learned in just a regular classroom. When a student is successful they express pride, class, and discipline in all aspects of their lives. They take responsibility for schoolwork, activities and other organizational goals. Most students who are involved in the fine arts or athletic programs have a higher percentage of passing grades than those who are not involved in any extra activities. As you can see, a student can play basketball, play in the band and still be successful in the classroom.

By: Cori Breckenridge, Marketing Analyst of Uvolv